Bees Mouth - August 2019

August 26th

August beach delight!
Body red - your lager drunk
Where now? No tear-ups please.

August 19

Hey! Welcome back! Good holiday, yeah? Superchillaxed boutique Air B n’ B Sunday supplement pastel coloured Havaianas small batch artisanal G&T sun sea sand innit? But … what have you come back to? What kind of horrorshow hot mess is this? Bozza and his band of shrieking goblins spinning thru the sunny skies on a cloud made of pure evil, while the rest of our elected representatives line up to give each other wedgies? Let JAZZ NIGHT AT THE BEE’S MOUTH come riding to the rescue, as you gape openmouthed in your stupid holiday shirt while your inflatable flamingo slowly expires like your pitiful dreams, your Lei suddenly turns brown and withers like your capacity for optimism, and the sand trickles from the pockets of your tattered cut-offs with painfully obvious metaphorical intent, for while the forces of disorder run amok across the land smiting at will with no regard for symmetry or geometry, we will be marshalling the awesome powers of Luke “Birthday” Rattenbury (gtr) and Loz “Castle Grayskull” Thomas (drms) to keep the darkness at bay for a little longer with a heady dose of top-quality unchlorinated hormone-free swing-to-blues-to-bop-to-whatever, aided by me on bass, plus surprise guests, and the peerless denizens of the wood between the worlds who manifest at this octave as the Bee’s team under the leadership of Capn’ Jack Rowan will be standing by with generous libations of the finest liquors known to humanity… come and cut a series of brilliant trade deals with your own better side, end the freedom of movement of negative vibrations into your precious domain, give optimism a good name again, rock it like Peggy Gou or Mtislav Rostropovich, be free, be yourself, be free to do what you want to do. Cleanliness and valour will be our watchwords, for nothing less will get us past the armed sentry and over the mountainous border.